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It seems as if your designs were meant for my structure, LOVE LOVE your designs and quality of these products.

Thuliwe M.

Leigh, I absolutely love my latest shipment (and have even saved the ribbon. . . what a wonderful touch). I have some holiday wear for my next beach trip in warmer weather as well as a superb black teaching outfit to dress up or down depending on shoes. I appreciate the love and care that you put into your clothes that I can wear with style and ease. 

Antoinette Q.

Am a great fan of your work and so appreciative that there's a designer out there that caters for the fuller figure women. Its so difficult to find trendy clothes in the plus sizes but you always come through for us big girls and I just wanted to say thank you...
We appreciate you ❤❣❤

Bernadette G.

I am in love with your art! Long last stumbled upon something so profound. Bold & kind! You have a new fan, nestled in the Clarens mountains... “Onverwoordbaar” Dreamt about fashion like this and it is REAL! Wow. In awe 🙌🏻🖤 (don’t comment often on anything... just had to say I AM A FAN)


“Oh ma ma😍😍😍, my obsession with your brand, I always feel good all the time when I'm in it. Thank you Mbokodo for always making us looking fabulous and elegant ❤️❤️💖🙌”


WOW! I received my magnificent dress today! Thank you for your incredible skill and care, allowing me to have one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever owned, and thank you for taking the time to make it especially for me, after your stock had finished. I am utterly blown away!


Just wanted to say Thank you Leigh for the gorgeous items! The pants fit like a glove 😍 and I’m obsessed with the construction of the jacket! Your designs are stunning! 🌸💜

Tracey Lee D.

Purchased the SHERONA outfit...OMGoodness...I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much.  P.S. - it feels great!! I'm waiting for notice of when a dress is back in stock...I'm sure I'll love that too. May love, peace and joy be with you every day!


The best clothes I've ever worn. My order arrived today and good grief, these are the best clothes I've ever worn. The material is sensational. The cut is so flattering. Wow. I am walking down the hallway like it's a catwalk. With thanks for this luscious experience

Karen J.